Sign On & Stop Searching For a Business. I've Helped 100's Succeed in This Business. If You're Qualified to Own Your Own Business, You Will Succeed at This! I'm Here to Help Make it Happen!

     My name is Arthur Gottlieb and this is the work from home business plan. You can work from home with your phone. You choose your own hours and can work evenings, after your regular job. Your customers and samples are provided. You can succeed without experience, and its possible to make a million dollars a year. 

     It's similar to the Home Improvement Magazine franchises that flood home owners mailboxes. These franchises cost $100,000.00. Average incomes in this business are $200,000.00 Average incomes at the Home Mag are $400,000.00 Visit their website and go to the bottom of the page, then click on interested in a franchise and see for yourself. 

     These magazines are mailed to affluent homeowners in any chosen town. Then the magazine owners or franchisees call the contractors and tradesmen in, and surrounding that town advising them of what their doing.The contractors are eager to place ads in the magazine because it's mailed to the home owners they want to reach, in a town they want to work.  

      My business plan is similar, except instead of a magazine, it's done with a giant sized 9" x 12" Postcard. Contractors and tradespeople do mailbox advertising, or they want to. They have no storefronts and no other way of reaching the home owners they get business from. These magazines contain only ads, and their 48 pages with 100's of ads in each. I get 6 different magazines every month at my South Florida home. 

     Usually their are 4 or 5 of each type of contractor in each magazine competing with each other, sharing their leads. However, they still continue to advertise month after month. They have no other choice. But, now they do and you can get rich offering it to them.

     The Contractors Connection postcard is a superior platform preferred by contractors. The Contractors sales message goes directly into the brains of the buying homeowners right through their eyes. It's not stuffed into an envelope that needs to be opened, and you don't need to sort through dozens of coupons. It's not buried in a 48 page magazine that homeowners need to go through in order to see the contractors ad. The contractors ad is viewed every time. 

     We don't put 5 of the same type of contractor on the postcard. Each contractor gets an exclusive listing. 1 painter, 1 plumber, etc. Every ad is on the front page. Homes getting the postcard always review it because it takes 2 minutes to do. And, it's so beautiful and colorful, people are captivated by its magnificence and quality. It also advises readers to "save this card for an emergency" and that our contractors have 5 star google and yelp reviews.

     We offer a business card size ad delivered in the mailbox for less than the cost of a regular business card, not delivered. For 3.5 cents per home contractors can reach homeowners in their mailboxes, in the town they want to work. Their sales message is always viewed. Theirs nothing else like it. They love the prices, the front page placement and being the one and only of their type of contractor on the postcard. They love it all! 

     You don't have to live in the area your mailing to. You can live in the apartment buildings with renters while mailing your postcards to homeowners in the suburbs. Meanwhile you call contractors in and around the mailing area. The same way the Magazine franchises do it. 

     The 3.5 Cent business card size ad sells for $349.00 because we mail to 10,000 homes. The larger postcard size ad sells for 6 cents per home or $599.00. If they tried to do their own postcard, it would cost them 75 cents to a dollar each. We're doing it for 6 cents! 

     When your card is full, you take in $12,000.00 in ad revenue. It cost you $4,000 to have these 9" x 12" double heavy, double laminated, waterproof and almost indestructible postcards designed with the ads, printed and mailed to to 10,000 homes. You make $8,000.00 on each postcard. You'll have 1000's and 1000's of potential customers for your postcards. Theirs never less than 10,000.  

     Finding customers. When you do a Google search for painters (or any contractor or trade) in the mailing town, it comes up with 15 pages of 20 businesses per page, which is 300 (see the photo gallery). If you take the 100 types+ of contractors (see the list in "1000's of prospects category") interested in reaching homeowners, and got only 5 pages of 20 on each one (100), you would have 10,000 prospects right there. Plus, you can expand your search to the next town and these contractors would also like to reach the homeowners in the town your mailing to.

     Then you do a Yelp search and you'll find another 10,000+ prospects. Then you search Craigslist under skilled trades, general labor, small business ads, labor and moving and skilled trades and artisans and you'll find another 5,000 prospects. You can continue to find more on Angie's List, Home Adviser, Thumbtack and similar websites. 

     Besides the 1000's and 1000's of prospects you'll find online, you can also call businesses in the mailing are that sell things to homeowners. Like paint and flooring stores, furniture and mattress stores, insurance agents and storage places, garden centers and lighting stores, major appliance stores and electronic stores. And, the list goes on and on.

     And their are 100's of other businesses besides contractors, operating from home and just as desperate to reach the homeowners your mailing to. Like interior designers, personal trainers, insurance adjusters, home care providers, mobile mechanics, pet groomers, tax preparation people and more. This list goes on and on as well. 

     Now you can see how you can never run out of quality prospects to call, and how you can do 10 postcards a month. A postcard holds about 20 ads, so 10 postcards fits just 200 contractors. You will have 25,000 prospects, at a minimum 10,000! They all have interest, their business depends on reaching homeowners. They have no storefronts and neither do home operated businesses. 

     With all these potential customers you can see how you can do 10 postcards a month. And sometimes 1 contractor wants half the card. If you did 10 postcards a month, you would make $8,000.00 on each. That's a million dollars a year, and it's possible! Or if you worked 10 minutes every other day and did one postcard in 3 months, you still would have paid for this $1,995.00 business plan 4 times over. 

     You can call contractors in the evening, after your regular job. They'll always answer or have their machine on. They never want to miss a big job. If you get their machine, you just leave your name and number, no other information, and they will call you back the next day thinking you called about a job.  

     Your provided with telephone sales pitches and sales flyers you email to contractors. A sales video where I'll do the selling for you on my dedicated website.  The sales flyer is in the photo gallery category

     When you sign on, you get approval to use my dedicated sales website where you will find the sales pitch, sales flyer, sales video & bulk mail documentation.  You also get 300 sample postcards you'll need to mail to interested contractors. The sample postcards are shipped out via UPS the day you sign on or the next day at the latest. Your provided with a tracking number so you can track the progress of the shipment. Your provided lots of sales tools because I want you to do a lot of postcards. Remember, every postcard I print and mail for you (10,000 for $4,000.00), I make money. 

     I do everything for you except call the contractors. I design the ads as well as print and mail the postcards. That's my business. Your business is calling the contractors and taking ad information. I provide you with an instruction sheet on taking ads. Keep in mind, high school kids take ads from local businesses for their yearbook, so it's not rocket science. You can do it. Your targeted/mailing areas are fully protected. When I work with you in your area, I don't work with anyone else in that area as long as your in business. Your investment is protected. 

     You'll take customers from the magazines, coupon envelopes and every other type of advertising. They'll all want to be on the postcard. The magazines and coupon envelopes are junk mail compared to the postcards. 8 out of 10 coupon envelopes and ad magazines go directly into the garbage. The homeowners have seen them before and are tired or reading ads, but the postcards are always viewed and the contractors know it. When they see it, they want to be on it! Once you get established, you can pay people to make the calls for you, just like the magazine and coupon envelope franchises do. 

     This business is easy to operate. Simply call contractors using my sales pitch, which tells them what your doing and where your mailing. While your speaking with them you email them the sales flyer and a link to my dedicated to selling ads for you website where they will be greeted by my sales video. You ask them if they would like you to mail them a sample of the postcard. They do. You make a note of who your speaking with and what you have spoken about. Then you do the same thing with as many contractors as possible. 

     Then you call them back after they've received the sample in the mail and close the sale. At this point they've heard the sales pitch, seen the sales flyer, watched the sales video and fell in love with the postcard sample. You've been on the phone with them for a period of time now and have now developed a relationship with them. 

     Now you discuss what size ad is best for them and what they want in it. You ask if they have an ad running and if they want something similar, whereas they'll email it to you. Or, you just go over what they want in their ad with them. You might be visiting their website or Facebook page while your on your phone with them. You'll have an instruction sheet on taking ads and remember, high school kids take ads for their year books, so you can to.     

     Now, you have a customer that has invested time and effort with you. They're sold. You advise their ad design is free, but you must get a 50% deposit before you can have your graphics department do it (usual practice in advertising). You advise they can pay the balance after the mailing and you'll email them the postage receipt (I provide this to you) as well as mail them a hard copy of the postcard with their ad on it. You tell them to mail you a check or you can take their credit card information on the phone with pay pro from pay pal, square, world pay or any other credit card companies. 

     Then you email me the ad information and I design the ad and place it on the postcard. I email this back to you and you email it to your customer. If they need something changed, tell me and I'll make the changes. I want to make your customers happy. I want them to stay on the postcard, and for you to do as many postcards as possible. The deposit money you collected has more than paid for your $4,000.00 cost of designing, printing and mailing. There are no other costs, period. These are businesses and they all pay their bills. Plus, they want to be in your next postcard. You're always paid. 

     To recap, you work from home, and you have a chance to become a millionaire. You take in $12,000.00 and it cost you $4,000.00 to do. You make $8,000.00 on each postcard. Your only job is to call contractors and take ad information. Everything else, I do for you. Now if you thought it couldn't get any better, It can. The businesses stay on your postcard creating a residual income. They need to continually reach out to homeowners in order to stay busy. Just contact them monthly about their payment.

     I'll try to make it happen for you because I make money on every postcard I print and mail for you. I've put 100's of entrepreneurs into business over the past 10 years. You can see a video about it in the "about Art" category. The program has changed over the 10 years and now it's perfected.

     My work from home business plan has an affordable one time fee of $1,995.00. My fee includes my graphic design services (I'll design the ads for your postcards) for as long as your doing your printing and mailing with me. It includes your sales pitches, sales flyers and sales video. It includes post office bulk mail documentation, and most importantly, 300 sample postcards. You can buy more whenever you want ($199.00 prepaid for 300 delivered via UPS).

     If this sounds good to you, click on the other categories on this website and review all the information (it's not all here), including the frequently asked questions. Then email me or call 954-534-9368 to go over any questions. I'll try my best to help you create a high income work from home business, for our mutual financial gains. Arthur Gottlieb