Initial Telephone Sales Call

     My name is _________ and I’m calling about a postcard mailer we’re mailing to the homes in your town. It’s a gigantic 9 inch by 12 inch postcard, like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and we’re putting just one of each type of contractor on the postcard. We can put your ad in your neighbors mailbox for 3.5 cents per home. Is the owner or manager in whereas I can speak to them. about it?

     Now tell the decision maker/owner more about your postcard and where you’re mailing it to. Offer to email them a link to our selling website where they will be greeted by the sales video. Offer to mail them a hard copy of the postcard, write down their name and address and send them the sample postcard in the mail.

     If the decision maker is not in, make a note of who your speaking with and offer to send them a link to the website whereas they can see what you’re talking about and perhaps take an advance view before sending the decision maker/owner their to view it. Make sure you tell them, they’ve never seen anything like it. Often the decision maker will be anxious to speak with you the next time you call.